Monday, February 4, 2008

When Will I Break Through This Invisible Glass Ceiling?

I am so ready for another drop in weight. My body seems very comfortable at being 205. I am ready to bust through this glass ceiling, but when will it happen? I know many people have hit a wall when they get so close to ONEDERland, but still! This nonsense has to give sometime soon, or I will go insane.

Also...have been itching to travel VERY badly. I was talking with Penny yesterday, and we started to think that perhaps a weekend trip was in order in order to hold us over for our Spring Break trip. We were thinking of Portland first (I have a friend from high school that lives there), but Seattle is actually cheaper as far as plane tickets go. We could leave Thursday afternoon and return on a Sunday. I think a trip may be just what the doctor ordered. We are going to try to have plans firmed up by the end of the week.

The new Jack Johnson CD is coming out tomorrow on ITUNES. I have had it preordered for forever. I am excited about finally getting it! :)

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