Sunday, February 10, 2008


I am down another pound! 203.4 this morning! I have lost 190 pounds now! I am going to try to stick with my same eating pattern that I have had for this past week, because I have been dropping weight. Perhaps it is just the right balance of carbs, calories, and fat that my body needs.

So many big things are in store, and I feel as if they will happen soon! I am almost in ONEDERLAND. I am a few pounds from losing half of my body weight, and having only an "overweight" BMI. I strongly feel that these things will happen before my one year anniversary.

This journey has been such a ride. A year ago I could not fathom being where I am today. I couldn't understand not having my day full of being tired, my ankle killing me, always thinking about food, etc. My life is so different now.

I am off to get ready for church. I am going back to the church I visited on Wednesday. I used to attend it many years ago, and really feel lead to go back. I am nervous about seeing so many people that I used to know. I know this is a good move for me.

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