Saturday, February 16, 2008

Getting Older!!!

Here is is, just a bit after seven in the morning, and I'm awake. I have NOTHING to do today that requires me to be up early. I can still sleep in, but man not like I used to be able to! :(

I spent last night with my mom. We went to pick up my gran from another city who had been on a trip. I love my Gran. She is an amazing woman. I am frustrated that she keeps on saying how much weight I have lost. I am past the point of telling people in general the exact number of pounds I have lost. There are many reasons behind this, but I guess most specifically that I can see in their head they are trying to do the math to see just how fat I was to begin with. I know I can never say anything to my Gran, because it would hurt her feelings, but it is just frustrating.

Now onto the subject of things that no longer fit. My winter coat is too big. It is a safe bet that it is now a full TWO sizes to big. I can wrap it around me to where the coat overlaps a good six inches. I bought this coat at the beginning of October, and it fit. Last night, I forgot to bring my coat when I went with my mom, and I wore one of her XL fleece jackets. It was big on me. I am certain I could have worn it in a size L.

I have struggled with acne off and on for years, and typically it is more ON than off! Prior to having the DS, I was on a prescription that I took orally that was supposed to help. It did help tremendously, but also killed my stomach. When they took away the majority of my stomach, I could not handle that presciption anymore. My acne has been raging up quite a bit. I have noticed that the right side of my face is worse than my left. I put two and two together, and I think a large portion of this is coming from using the telephone!!! I have been faithful with using my bluetooth and speakerphone at home, and my acne is starting to clear up. I think this may have been the biggest part of the problem all along.

My best friend Penny will be in town at the end of March. We are going to go to the season opener of the Louisville Fire Arena Football team! WOOT WOOT!!!! I LOVE ARENA FOOTBALL!!!! :) I am so pumped about it! I need to call Monday and see the best seats that they have available.

Ok, enough typing now. I am going to attempt to go back to sleep.

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