Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Thighs, Pants, and The Day

My thighs have been the slowest area on my body to lose weight. They ARE getting smaller though. Lately I have really been able to start feeling muscle and seeing 'some' definition in them. I am really ecstatic about this. I just want to look normal, not huge, not large....NORMAL.

Pants are another thing that really trip me out. I am constantly holding up a pair of pants thinking...."There is no way that I can fit into these." Yet, I can fit inside them. The pair I had on today even had room to spare.

I talked with a principal today. This is a man I greatly respect. This is his second year at one of the roughest and most challenging elementary schools in our state. I really want to work there. He is an excellent leader. I spoke to him frankly about how I want to go back to the classroom next year. He said he would love to have me on staff at his school. This would truly be my first choice. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to apply there. I want to work with high poverty kids where I can truly make a life long impact.

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Lisa Williams said...


I truly admire you. You have done a great job on the losing side. I also admire your aspiratiions.