Thursday, February 21, 2008

Who Are My Health Role Models?

Steph (at Back in Skinny Jeans) posed this question to her readers about who their health role models were. I think this is an excellent question. Here are my health role models:

1. My best friend Wendy: Wendy has never been "heavy," but a few years back she did set her mind to lose 25 pounds. She is now at the lower end of her BMI range, but looks very healthy. I admire her because she really works at keeping fit. She watches what she eats, and works out regularly. She has been super encouraging to me throughout the process of me losing weight.

2. My dad: Growing up all I ever remember was my dad being active. He played on competitive softball teams up until the twins were born (then travel got to be too much). He would always jog 2-3 miles a day every week. Many times I would ride my bike while he jogged. I remember him being on a basketball league. He did all these things even though one leg was 1 1/4 inches shorter than the other. My dad ended up having to have a hip replacement, and cannot be as active as he once was. He was a great example of someone who made being active part of their lifestyle.

3. Tia: Tia is a fellow DSer. I found her blog "just in time." I savored over every word of her journey. She gave me hope when I really did not have any left of my own. She has been the most dedicated to following the DS rules, and I have learned a lot by her example. Her motivation to exercise is also inspiring. I would not be where I am today without her words. I am greatly in her debt!

4. John Bingham: He is a runner. Many of you know about him if you have been a reader of my blog for a bit of time. He started running at mid-life and he was overweight. He has since gone on to run marathons. His book "The Courage to Start" has provided so much motivation to me as a non-athlete who is working towards becoming an adult-onset athlete.

Who are your Health Role Models?

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Dagny said...

"Adult-onset athlete"!! Oh I love that!!!!