Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Weighing In

I weighed in at 252.6 this morning. I am down 10 pounds for this month. I still have ten more days before I am officially 7 months post-op. I have lost 141 pounds in total!!!

Here are my most current stats:
  • I have lost 35.8% of my overall body weight (from my surgery weight).
  • I have lost 60.6% of my weight to reach goal.
  • I have decreased my BMI by 22 points!
  • I am 61.6 pounds until reaching an "overweight" BMI.
  • I am 93.6 pounds until my goal!

My vacation is exactly THIRTY days away! I am so ready for it. When we go to Cozumel, they have a Mayan excursion you can take. It is for seven hours, and includes a great deal of walking and climbing. At 393 pounds before surgery, I would have never taken this before. I am so looking forward to doing this!

There was another excursion that involved a "zip line" which I wanted to do. I will do this next time. My weight is still too high for me to feel comfortable doing that. The next time I post a zip line picture you will see ME on it. (Give me another fifty pounds, and I will certainly be doing this!) Does that not look AWESOME???!!!

The other thing this "zip line" makes me think of is "the trolley." The trolley was something we had at 4-H Camp growing up. You had a "seat you sat on, but it is the same idea of the zip line. I went to 4-H Camp for nine years. I was always too big to ride it. I am looking forward to being able to do the zip line in the future. Having surgery was the first step in my life of not letting my weight hold me back (physically and emotionally) from doing things.

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