Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A New Size!

I had my mom hem two pairs of dress pants for me. They are size 24. I got them two or three weeks ago. I got them back last night (since my mom was hemming them). They are too big. They don't look horrible, but they are certainly too big. I can make them work for probably another four to six weeks.

I tried on the next size down and....

I can wear a size 22!!!

I still wear a size 24 in blue jeans. I am on cloud nine over the 22! I have not been a 22 since my freshman year of college. (That was short lived too, because it was because I was taking phen-phen. Before that, I was a 22 in the 8th grade.)

I was rereading through my blog and on August 7th I was working towards getting into a size 26, and now, two months later, I am at a 22!

I am almost out of sizes that begin with a "2". This is so thrilling! Maybe I'll be in an 18 sometime in January!

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Danyele said...

Congrats on those 22s!! You should be so proud :-D