Saturday, October 6, 2007

Shorter Skirts....

I have always worn skirts that went down to my ankles. These have been a source of comfort for me, because I felt like they "covered" up my enormous frame. As I am losing weight, I want to start wearing things that are somwhat shorter. To be honest, I doubt I'll ever be a girl who wears anything that is shorter than knee length skirt/dress wise. It has taking some time to get to this point. I know I am not at my "goal" weight, but I don't want to wait until my goal weight in order to start wearing cuter clothes.

Another thing that I have been doing is wearing clothes with bolder patterns than I would have previously. I am learning to like trying on different clothes and experimenting. :)

Also....another reason why our nation is so fat. Yesterday I was at Cheddars, which is one of my favorite restaurants. I got the vegetable plate. It comes with four vegetables and a bowl of soup. The reason I got the plate was because it was cheaper than order a bowl of soup and two sides a la carte. When I told the guy I wanted a bowl of soup and two vegetables, he replies, "But it comes with four." I tell him, "I only want two." He persists at trying to give me four, to which I said more firmly, "I only want TWO." Granted, vegetables are not going to make you fat, but why was he so insistent? Some people are great at portion control. I have gotten so much better at this since have surgery. Still, simply having less on my plate is the easiest form of portion control for me. That meant, only having two vegetables as my sides. Why does our country constantly try to force "larger portions" on consumers?

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