Monday, October 29, 2007

Shaking My Head

I am ordering some Oh Yeah Protein Wafers online. I learned about "Oh Yeah" products from Melting Mama's blog. I love the Oh Yeah bars, so I thought I would try the wafers. I figured up what they cost individually. I found myself shaking my head. When I was 393 pounds did I ever stop to think about how much those 2 king size packages of candy were costing? Heck no, I just threw them up on the counter, and started munching as soon as I had left the store.

Somewhere in my head, was I trying to see if they were "worth" the cost? This is about my health. I need protein, and sometimes I will need protein bars for when I cannot access other food choices. It just makes me mad that I was trying to justify the cost.

I am excited about taking my measurements on Thursday. I am doing them on the first of every month. I started this at the beginning of September. I wish I had done this all along. Of course I would have needed one heck of a measuring tape to have done my pre-op measurements. (Man, I can only imagine how scary they actually were!)

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