Wednesday, October 24, 2007


My presentation went well today. After it was done, I got to watch some other really great presentations on collaboration.
After work, I stopped by Goodwill to drop off clothes that I had purged from my closet. It was really interesting. Being an obese gal, I've always had a wide "range" of sizes within my closet. All of the clothes I got rid of were truly too big. Nothing from my pre-op days is now in my closet.

In the past, I have always kept these "fat" clothes as a security blanket. It was such a freeing feeling knowing that I don't need to worry about this anymore. I am going to be successful at getting to goal. I will be successful at maintaining my goal weight. The DS is a tool, but I am making the changes to be healthy and fit for life. I know that there is a reality that I could regain, but I will not be a weight loss statistic.
Oh, I had a GREAT phone call from a parent. I was put on this case because her child was super behind in reading. I worked on developing a program for his teacher and assistant to use, and he is doing really well. She was so sweet and appreciative. Our first few meetings were pretty intense, but I asked her to trust me that I would find something that would work with her child. It was really nice. You just don't often get good calls like that. :)
Time for my evening workout. (I do know how to make paragraphs, but Blogger is being picky, and it is not working out right now. Sorry that everything is lumped together.)

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