Sunday, October 21, 2007

Morehead State Homecoming and a few WOWS!

I had a blast at homecoming this weekend! Above are a few pictures I took. I am working at taking more pictures. For so long I wanted to hide behind the camera, it is strange to be the subject of the camera now! :)
I got to see one my professors this weekend. He was the director of the honors program that I was in at MSU. We talked for about 45 minutes. I was telling him how the honors program really helped make me into a critical thinker. It certainly made me stronger at defending what I believe.

I weighed in at 249.6 today! I have lost 13 pounds this month. I am below 250 pounds!!!! I tried to do well with eating this weekend. Overall, I made pretty good choices. Yes, there were a few things that I could have done without, but I am proud of how I ate overall. Changes in my eating routine are hard for me. I love the predictability of my routine now.

In the pictures I am wearing an XL shirt! I also have a long sleeve t-shirt underneath. It was still not tight! No more XXL shirts for me.
On Friday while working, I sat down in a college type desk, and I FIT! Not only did I fit, there was still a little bit of ROOM too. It really sent a rush through me. I remember working on my two masters degrees, and literally squeezing myself into those seats. I felt like my circulation was being cut off for two and a half hours through class. I would never get up because it was truly a struggle to get out of them. I would wait until most people had left before getting out of them.

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