Friday, September 14, 2007

28 Days

I have worked out on my eliptical machine for at least 30 minutes per day for the last 28 days. It was not easy every day, but I can say as time has gone on it has gotten better. Exercising is not something I "dread" doing.

Something else I have legs don't rub together as badly when I am exercising. Yes, they still rub, but it is not the horrible stinging rub I used to have.

A new goal I have...I want to be able to cross my legs UNDER a table. I was at a meeting today, and I noticed that a few ladies were able to do that. I thought of how cool it would be if I could do that too.

Tonight we went out to dinner to celebrate my sister's birthday. When we were lined up waiting to pay for the meal, I looked at my reflection in the glass. I cannot believe how much smaller I am. It was weird. It was like someone else's body was there, and my head was attached. I have spent a fair amount of time looking at myself in the mirror over the past several months (watching how my body is changing), but this was just a real eye opener to me. I loved what I was seeing.

I got season tickets to Actor's Theater with my friend Michelle. She has been asking me for three years to get them. My biggest reason for saying no was in my mind I was worried whether or not I would fit into the chairs. I know they still may be a tighter fit, but I know I can fit.

Tomorrow I am helping my sister move. I am not exactly thrilled about it, but hopefully it will be ok.

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