Thursday, September 20, 2007


I weighed in this morning at 267.2 pounds. I am down another 1.6 pounds. That is 6.8 pounds for the month so far. 12.2 pounds until an Obese BMI!!!

I apologize in advance for the somewhat mundane nature of my blog. This blog has several purposes. I really wanted to document my journey every step of the way. I think it is helpful for new WLS patients, or those considering WLS. It is also an encouragement to me, to see the steps in the right direction, however small they may be. I'm sure as I get closer to goal there will be many other things that I will ponder, but right now the number on the scale is very important to me.

The next three days are going to be crazy busy with a conference I am attending. I am stocking up on portable protein. I am not sure how great the food choices will be for me, and I want to get enough protein in. I am very sure it will be hard to do low carb today through Saturday. I just hope I maintain, and don't gain.

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Dagny said...

Your blog is not "mundane." You write with real honesty about what's happening to you and it means a lot to people to learn how things are working, or not, for someone else! Keep it up!!!

And your weight loss is great! You're going all the way!