Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sticking It To The Man

I am really upset about this IRS thing. I had planned to work out this evening, and stuck with that plan. I decided to take out my frustrations while I was working out. (Lord help me to remember what a GREAT stress reliever working out is!!!) I worked out on my elliptical machine for FIFTY minutes. I burned 555 calories.

I guess this really got me thinking about how I "used" to handle stress. Here are a few of the ways...
  • eat half a bag (or more) of Rainbow Chips Deluxe Cookies
  • have three candy bars
  • drink 4 or 5 sodas
  • hit any available drive through
  • eat half of a large pizza

This list really could go on and on, but I am going to stop with a few examples.

No stress in life is worth jeopardizing my health. Emotional eating can kill a body (and soul). I will not be a victim of that anymore. From now on when the man gets me down, I will beat him by prayer and some intense exercise.

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