Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Six Months Post-Op Today

Wow....what a journey it has been the past six months. I weighed in at 262.6 this morning. Down another two pounds. I have lost 11.4 pounds this month. (I am only 7.6 pounds from an obese BMI!)

So here are some fun facts for your reading pleasure....
  • I have lost 53.6% of my excess weight.
  • I have lost 33.2% of my weight from surgery. (How cool is that, I've lost a 1/3 of my body in SIX months!)
  • If you average it out per day, I have lost an average of .69 pounds a day.
  • I have lost 131 pounds to date.
  • I have shaved off 20.5 points off my BMI. (I am so close to an obese BMI. That is pretty remarkable considering I was "Super Morbidly Obese" prior to surgery.)
  • Pre-Op I was wearing a size 36 pants. I can now wear a size 24 pants.
  • Pre-Op I was wearing a size 4X-5X shirt. Now I can wear a 18-20 shirt.
  • I am now exercising 30 minutes a day on my elliptical machine. I have been doing this for almost 6 weeks now.

Having the DS has saved my life!

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