Friday, September 7, 2007

Updating my Goal Weight

I have really been going back and forth with deciding my goal weight. One of the biggest struggles has been just not knowing what a "normal" weight looks like. I have started asking a few close friends what they weigh, so I can get an idea of what normal looks like size wise. I have decided that my goal weight is going to be 159 pounds. That puts me at the higher end of my normal BMI range. I would be able to wear clothes that are not plus size. (Most people who are at this weight can wear an 8 or a 10.) This is also a goal weight BEFORE plastics. So eventually, I will be less, but plastics are a long way off for me for a few reasons: 1. I still have quite a bit of weight to lose. 2. I want to maintain that weight for several months before setting up plastics. 3. I will be doing plastics out of the country, and will need to save up money for them.

Since I have updated my goal weight, here are my new stats!
  • I have lose 50.8% of my total excess weight.
  • I have 115 pounds more to lose.
  • I have lost 30.2% from my highest body weight.

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