Sunday, September 23, 2007

No Wonder

It is no wonder our nation is so fat. I have experienced this several times. When I go to a fast food restaurant, it is often MORE expensive to order an item a-la-carte. This makes no sense to me. Of course, I pay the extra money, because I don't even want the temptation to "nibble" on the food I don't need.

A small wow for me. While I was at the conference, I was sitting at the end of the row. The session got very crowded, so people were coming down the row to fill up all remaining seats. Several people passed by me. Before, I would have stood up to make sure that they had room to get through. I didn't need to stand up to give them room.

Yesterday was much better on the carb front. I kept myself under 40 grams of carbs. That is the plan for the next week. I really want to get the carbs back under control. This should be much easier, since I am not driving/traveling all the time.

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