Thursday, September 27, 2007

Weight and Weird Comments

Today I weighed in at 260.8 pounds. I am almost out of the 260's!!! I'm down another 1.8 pounds. I am getting so close to that obese BMI I can taste it.

Another significant thing for me is that I am about to break the barrier of having less than 100 pounds to lose. I am just barely over 100 pounds until goal. That is so wild to me. Having lost over half my weight gives me more confidence that I can reach my goal. THIS IS SOMETHING OBTAINABLE TO ME. I can do this. (Although, after reading Sharon's blog about WLS failures, I do realize that there is due diligence in maintaining your weight loss.)

I had a really crappy comment about my weight loss the other day. I was at the school I used to work at for a meeting. After the meeting, I see one of the assistants I used to work with. She says that I am looking really good. I tell her thank you. She asked me how much I lost. I told her 131 pounds. She replies, "I never thought you were THAT big." (With a whole lot of emphasis on the "that.") I know this lady, and really know that she was trying to be sincere. Do people not think at all before just BLURTING stuff out of their mouth? I know people have had much worse said to them, but this is my first experience with negative comments.

I can honestly see why people after a while don't really want to share a "number" as far as how much they have lost with the masses. You can be instantly judged for it. I am going to start reserving the specific "number" of how many pounds I have lost to those whom I am the closest to.

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