Monday, September 17, 2007


My face is starting to get covered with them. I have battled acne for some time. This past January was when it was the worst. The doctor actually said I had "nodules" on my face. He put me on some hard core antibotics and a cream. This seemed to help. When I had my DS, I quit taking the antibotics, because they were hard on my stomach pre-DS, I could only imagine how they would feel on a significantly smaller stomach. My acne actually got better for some time. Now, it is rearing it's ugly head up again. Only this time it is much different. They are little tiny bumps, and there are a great number of them all over my head.

I call the dermatologist to see if he will call in the hard core antibotics for me. (Keep in my I am seeing him next Monday.) He would not have any called in for me. Why? It wasn't like I was calling in asking for Vicodin or Oxycotton. It was ACNE medication!!! This means my face is going to have to look like a teen disaster for a whole week, when it could have been avoided.

What makes me the most mad about this is my new job. I am a consultant/specialist. I often get the "your so young," line from many people I work with. Having acne only compounds this problem. It is challenging to get people to take me seriously when I look like a pimpled face girl.

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