Saturday, September 29, 2007

Thoughts...Pretty Much All Over the Board

I weighed in today at 258.8 pounds. I am down .8 tenths of a pound. I just finished up a 45 minute workout. I burned 500 calories!
On a most significant note. I only have 99.8 pounds until goal! I am under the 100 mark!!! I am 3.8 pounds from an obese BMI. I am 67.8 pounds from an overweight BMI. When I get to goal (at this time my goal is 159 pounds) I will have a NORMAL BMI.
I have come to the startling conclusion that I actually have RIBS. I have had so much fat and flab for so many years, I really never could feel them. When I lay down at night, I can feel them pretty defined. That is so wild to me.

Now, onto thoughts about my mom. My mom has not really been encouraging about my weight loss at all these past several months. It is not that she is mean or rude, she just simply doesn't say anything at all. This morning as I was working out, it hit me. I think the reason for this is because I am about 20-25 pounds from weighing the same weight as she does. In some weird odd way, I think she feels threatened by the fact that I could be smaller than her. Maybe it isn't the case at all, maybe she just doesn't care enough to compliment me. Who knows. I'd love to say that it doesn't bother me at all...but it does bother me. I do care. I wish that she did.

I am thinking about my trip which is in 48 days. I am going to be gone NINE days! I am very excited about this, but also apprehensive. I have decided that I am going to workout each day I am on the cruise (I think we are on the cruise 6 days and 5 nights.) I feel certain that they would have a scale, but I think I am going to call and ask. That way I can at least keep track of my weight for part of the trip. (I am so happy for those people who can stay off the scale for days and weeks at a time, I am simply not one of them. I wish that I could be. I just need the reality of the numbers each day.) If I knew that TSA would not take away my $75 electronic scale, I'd pack it with me as a carry on. I somehow feel that they might think it is a bomb. Perhaps I could just weigh myself on the things that weigh your baggage as you check in.

I know we are going to be pretty active for the whole trip, so I know I will get in exercise. I just don't want to "gain" weight on the trip. I am taking my Nectar Protein drinks. I am going to take enough for two a day, which would give me 46 grams of protein. I also am going to take some protein bars (enough for one a day if I needed them), and some nuts. On the cruise I intend to concentrate on my meats and cheeses to keep my carbs ultra low. Since food is always available on the cruise, I don't feel I will have a problem getting in my protein. I just want to have a PLAN. This is the plan thusfar. When I get back from the cruise the next day is my eighth month post-op. If anyone has any suggestions, I am very open to them.

I am going to take my measurements again tomorrow. I took them on September 1. I wish I had done this from the beginning, but I didn't. It will be cool to see how they are changing each month.

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