Saturday, September 1, 2007

Conversation at the Target Checkout...

As I was checking out at Target the other day, the small girl (probably 115 pounds) checking me out lifted the cat litter to scan it. Her comment was, "I don't see how you can hardly even lift this let alone carry it."

When I got out to the car, I looked to see how many pounds it weighed. The cat litter weighed 20 pounds. I started to think to myself, I have lost the equivalent of SIX of those cat litter containers! It is amazing to think of the toll that was putting on my body. WOW!

On the Biggest Loser (a show I DO NOT endorse, but do watch from time to time), after the contestants had lost a good bit of weight, they had them put on weighted suits so they would weigh what they weighed at the beginning of the show. They made them do some running and other exercises. It was amazing watching what a toll this took on their body.

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