Sunday, September 23, 2007

Lane Bryant Shopping...

I went to Lane Bryant after the conference yesterday. I was going there to try on their "Right Size" jeans (which I absolutely love). I had bought a pair of 7's (new sizing system) around the second week of August. They are noticeably lose, but are still the "best fitting" pair of jeans that I have. I can now wear the size 5!!!

Since the new sizing system is completely throwing me off, I got several different pairs of 24's to try on. They all fit. Yes, they were tight, but I was able to get them on, zip, and button them. I was wearing a size 36 before going into surgery just less than six months ago. Now, I can fit into a 24!!! I did a jig in the dressing room. (I probably would have done cartwheels, but there was not enough room for that!)

I am thrilled about the day that will come when I no longer need to shop in Lane Bryant or the "Women's" department. I look forward to being able to shop in trendy stores, boutiques, and the like. Right now, I am just happy that I can buy clothing in a store, and not have to shop online.

What is especially nice is that this trip to Lane Bryant really helps to reconfirm that my body is indeed changing, even though I am not seeing much progress on the scale right now. I am going to have my dad take pictures of me today when he visits. I will post those soon. Now, it's time to exercise.

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