Monday, September 10, 2007

Good to Great

I am reading the book "Good to Great." It talks about what takes good companies to the next level, and how they become great companies.

"Good is the enemy of great."
(This is the quote that the book opens up with.)
I think this quote applies to my journey with WLS as well. Will I be happy and satisfied with "good" or will I continue to push to the next level, "GREAT"? I am going to really ponder this over the next few days. What makes me a good WLS patient? What makes me an excellent WLS patient? What steps do I need to take to get to the "great" category? When I think of good, especially as I am reading this book, I am starting to pair it with the word "mediocre."
My weight has always been the one area of my life I could not excel at. I have done excellent at civic commitments, job obligations, college, etc. (No, I'm not perfect, but I hope you get the point!) Now that I have been given this second chance with WLS, what will I do with it?

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Dagny said...

This is just the sort of thing I like to think about. We share something else: I know what it is to be very competitive and excel at everything EXCEPT THAT ONE THING. So when that comes under control and you master it, your perspective on life becomes SUPERCHARGED! You won't settle for good. You'll want nothing less than GREAT! You achieve a dream when you make it a goal....