Monday, August 20, 2007

Showered in Compliments

Today I went back to my old job. I was there in a different role. I was serving as a Literacy Consultant to the new principal. Most of these people had not seen me since I left Mid-December. (They actually didn't even see me at my highest weight either!) I got one compliment after another on my appearance. Two people said they could not hardly believe their eyes, it was like I was a whole different person. While I do see the physical changes, it is so hard for my mind to catch up with what is physically happening to my body.

The neatest thing...
Even my former students noticed! I went into one classroom, and said hello. The teacher told me at lunch that they kept saying, "She looks really different." Yet, they could not put their finger on how I was different. (They are 5th graders.) In the other class where I went to say hello, one boy told his teacher, "Wow, she really has lost a lot of weight."

I know that some day I would love to be where no one ever knew I was fat, but today I was soaring on all the compliments.

I did twenty five minutes on the eliptical machine this morning. I am getting ready to get back on it. Since I cannot physically do a super long workout in one swoop, I am going to try doing a smaller one in the morning, and one in the evening.

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Jirya said...


You don't know me, but I was looking at random blogs and found yours.

I just want to say Congratulations!! From what I've read, you deserve all those great compliments you have recieved!

Good luck in the future,