Sunday, August 19, 2007

I Feel GOOD!

Nothing particularly special today to write, but I just wanted to comment on how GREAT I feel. I have so much more energy it is amazing. I shopped for groceries, continued the kitchen purge, cleaned out my oven, cooked a roast, and did twenty minutes on the eliptical machine. Before WLS, shopping for groceries would tire me so much, that I would typically stop for fast food on the way home from the grocery store. Also today while I was out, I tried on some more clothes at Wal-Mart. I was worried that because I got the 26's at Lane Bryant they might be bigger than what sizes are in other stores. I fit in the size 26! Then I tried on some dress pants. The 26/28's were too lose. I ended up buying two pairs of the 22/24's! They are not super tight, but I am going to wait until I lose about 10 more pounds, and I think they will fit perfect.

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