Friday, August 3, 2007

Changing Up the Diet

After posting about my stall and my fear of this being "the end of the road" on the DS forum, I am going to change up my diet. I got a great deal of advice from people who have lived this surgery much longer than I have. I have been 'moderately' watching my carbs. This comes from a girl who was getting over 140 carbs easily from COKE alone as a pre-op. I truly believe I was probably having over 400 carbs a day then. I had decided to limit my carbs to between 75-100 carbs a day.

When I read the posts, many people were saying I need to keep my carbs as low as possible. I have a lot more weight to lose than many people. I am going to have to even more diligently "stay the course" in order to get the most out of my weight loss window. I am going to also start working out. I feel that I can lower my carbs without much of a problem, but I do wonder how to increase the fat consumption.

Today at work my cubby mate and I were doing major housecleaning. We are getting ready to move to another cubicle. I found an envelope with some pictures taken of me towards the end of December by a parent of one of my students. WOW is all I can say. Honestly, if I had been alone and not at work, I probably would have started crying. I am guessing that my weight was around 380. I was so massive.

So many people at the office gave me compliments today. Even the head boss gave me several. (Most of these people have not seen me for the entire summer.) When I told one co-worker how much I lost, she said, "That is like a small person." My friend has a 13 year old boy who weighs what I have lost. I like to think that I have "lost a Justin."

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