Thursday, August 16, 2007

Holy Smokes!!!

Guess who is a size 26? ME!!! About three weeks ago, I went to try on a size 26, and it could barely come around my hips. There was no prayer that the pants would button. Today, I went into Lane Bryant, not only did they button up, but they fit very nicely! I was totally doing a dance in the dressing room today. It really is true that your body "changes" even when the scale is not budging. On Ann's blog she talks about never underestimating the small wows. This is a small wow for me. I have not been a size 26 since I was a sophmore/early junior in college. I have gone down SIX clothing sizes since March 26th!

The cleaning and purging mode has truly struck me. I am starting with my kitchen, and will be moving throughout the house. I love to be organized. With changing jobs and surgery, I have let some of my good cleaning habits get away.

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Dagny said...

A big housecleaning will feel good. Make everything feel NEW! Start feeling like the totally together person YOU ARE, who's got it all under control.