Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Almost Farewell

to the 280s! I weighed in this morning at 281. Here are my current stats:

  • I have lost 42.7% of the overall amount of weight that I want to lose!
  • I have lost 28.6% of my overall body weight!
  • My BMI has dropped 17.6 points!
  • I have lost 15 pounds for this month so far.
  • I have lost a grand total of 112.6 pounds.

Time to go workout. For the past two days, I have done fifty minutes on the eliptical machine. Each day I am trying to go a little bit longer. The confidence that I am starting to gain is amazing.


sassafrass said...

Good for you! This may sound silly but I really wanted a word for a ten pound range so that I could say "I broke through to the next _____". My mom and I came up with a silly word but use it if you like it. We call it a DECAPOW. Deca as in 10 and pow as in what you just did to the last 10 pounds. So congrats on nearing the next DECAPOW! I named my scale too :)

Dagny said...

Hey you know when we Sassy Sisters lose 100 pounds we do NOT "join the Century Club." Oh no. We SCORE A BENJAMIN!