Sunday, August 5, 2007

Nine Out of Ten People Agree...


Today I went to the zoo with my family. I had mixed feelings about going to to zoo, because of my last experience there. It has been I'd say, 4-5 years since I have last been. I went with a group of four girls. I was just getting to know them, and I was trying to make some more friends for myself. Of course, the zoo has many slopes and hills. I could barely make it up them. One girl, Nicole, was sweet and walked slower so I could still enjoy the zoo some. I sweated like a pig, and was exhausted by the time we left. It was such a huge reminder of just how out of shape and fat I was.

Fast forward to today. I weighed in at 290 pounds this morning!!!!! (My total loss is now 103 pounds.) I went with my sister, her boyfriend's two children, my mom and dad. It was quite hot, and I hardly sweated at all. I was able to handle the slopes and hills without a problem. We got to a tent, where there was food. (It was a company event for my dad's company.) They had popcorn, cotton candy, ice cream sandwiches, frozen lemonade, soda, etc. I took four individual pieces of popcorn and a teeny bite of cotton candy. It is so empowering to feel the willpower and the desire to be able to say, "No thanks." Nothing that they were offering there was worth messing with my weight loss. Does that mean that I'll never have a "sweet"? Of course not, but it felt wonderful to decline sweets, and feel good about the end result that it would give me.

I am definitely going to keep up this low-carb thing. As soon as I lowered my carbs, the scale started moving. That is not a coincidence. I am going to run over to the grocery store to look around for some more low-carb options that I could take to work. One thing I am very happy about is that protein shakes don't bother me at all, and I actually like them. I hope I can ride out that for some time. They are quick and easy.

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