Saturday, March 13, 2010

Yesterday on the way to lunch, Haley informed me that I really needed to wear a lighter color pink shirt with my skirt. I said, "Well since this is such an emergency, do you think the principal will let me run home and change?" She said, "I was just telling you because I thought you would want to know." Kids are hilarious!

We went to watch the cheerleading competition, and my girls did a great job. There was one elementary school that looked like they were a college team. I had no idea that elementary girls could do so much. It was incredible.

We also attended Marriage Rocks, which was a fun date night event at a big church in town. There was singing, skits, a game show, etc. We enjoyed ourselves. We topped off the night with Olive Garden. Mmmmm! There are a few Italian restaurants I like better, but they are more pricy, and this was our first date, so we have strong memories.

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