Friday, March 12, 2010

Ready for the Weekend!!!

I started making out the official schedule for our "Staycation" in Louisville yesterday. It is going to be great. Today, I am going to make some phone calls to make reservations. It is certainly centered around a "foodie" theme. There have been so many restaurants I have wanted to visit, but just not had the opportunity to do so. I am also going to catch up on my New Year's BAKING RESOLUTION!!! I need to make three things! HH and the neighbors of my condo should love me.

I am also looking forward to April because I won't be teaching GED any. I have learned a lot in cooking classes, but have not been able to make HH many meals at all. He has been such a good trooper about it. I know I will be taking more classes in April, but without GED on top of it, more cooking will be in order. It will be great to be reintroduced to my kitchen again.

I forgot to post last night about how upset I got at the parents at the game last night. The kids lost the game, and the parents were awful. I mean the things that came out of their mouths I could never imagine saying to my child. It is an elementary school basketball is not like next month's rent is riding on the outcome. There is one boy in particular that I am very fond of named Clarence. He comes to my room when he is in trouble (but it is really that his teacher can't manage the class, he is always fine with me), so we have a bond. Clarence is a big boy, and I am proud of him for exercising, and I can tell that it takes a good deal of effort for him to move up and down the court, but he does. He does it pretty well for that matter. His mom was saying all kinds of nasty things like, "What do I have to threaten you with in order to make you play better?" I could go on and on. The parents kept saying how the kids "just gave up," and the like. On the way home HH and I were talking, and I said I wanted our kids to participate in Upward Sports, which is a Christian based sports team where more emphasis is placed on having fun, learning a sport, showing good sportsmanship, and in general just celebrating the small milestones along the way. VERY. LOW. PRESSURE.

I have to get hoping on HH's two other things for St. Patrick's Day. One is easy, the other one involves a trip to the craft store. I'll post pictures later.

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