Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Weekend

It has been a busy weekend, but a good one.

There was a women's conference at my church that I attended Friday night and Saturday morning. I am very slow to open up to people, but I met a woman named Rose who I am interested in getting to know.

I had lunch with my best friend Wendy, then dinner with a couple from our church named Beth and David. We are working at getting to know people better in the church. This is not a struggle for HH, but I am more reserved and guarded. This has resulted in me not having many friends at church. I want to change that.

Today we had a guest speaker, Joshua Harris, speak at our church. His message really resonated with me. Our church was a packed house.

Insert some FAMILY DRAMA before the weekend wraps up....

I found out my family was going to a local pizza place today for a late lunch. This is the second time that HH and I have not been invited. It really rubbed me the wrong way. I know that we are often busy, but the place is not that far away, and it would be nice to be included. I called my dad to ask him if the next time they were going out for pizza if they would call us and invite us. Dad said it was just decided a little bit ago, and for us to come along. It was not really meant as a suggestion. we have to go, and dad is not in a good mood.

I have to give hats off to HH. He is really good about defusing situations. My dad just couldn't stay mad with Ben. The meal turned out very well.

Sunday afternoon nap favorite.

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