Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Doctor's Office Report

First Doctor: BAD! I will not be going back to him. I do not feel that he took my concerns seriously. I cannot afford to allow someone like this to manage my bloodwork.

Second Doctor: Dermatologist was awesome. I was not expecting having to get down to my bra and underwear, but I am glad that I did. He ended up removing a mole on my thigh that I thought was nothing. He explained why it needed to be removed. Under the mole on my face, I have a cyst. There is no need to have it removed, but it can get bigger. I decided to go ahead and get it removed over spring break.


JLi said...

Seeing a dermatologist is something I need to do. I have so many moles! I am very freckly by nature, but they aren't cute dots...they are noticeable brown specks everywhere, especially on my back. I realize it's preventative care, just like a dentist, but for some reason, I just never think the make an appointment. I'm not at all worried about needing to have some moles removed, although one has been with me since I can remember and I think I might actually get my feelings hurt if he were to say it had to go! I'm glad it worked out well for you.

Bandita Senorita said...

I second that: I'm glad you are doing this preventative stuff. It's inspiring. Now maybe I'll get to moving on some of my health issues with which I've been procrastinating.