Tuesday, March 9, 2010

HH took a picture of us on Saturday night while waiting for our dinner guests.

Here is my creation based off what I saw at the Love Actually Blog. This is a great resource. I'm not too creative, but I love their ideas. HH loved the candy inside the pot of gold!

I told you all I've really been getting into the skirts and dresses thing. This is what I wore yesterday. I love maxi dresses. They look very nice, yet it feels like you are wearing pajamas all day long. This picture was taken at the very end of the day, so I know I look a bit tired.

We wrapped up one GED class last night, and a new one begins on Wednesday. There were at least fifty people out in the main area when a teenager comes in just swinging nunchucks (the real big things) for a few minutes. Finally he makes eye contact with the librarian and says, "What, I can't have these in here?" Of course the librarian says no, and fortunately he leaves. All my students certified except the two boys who put zero effort into showing up or doing any homework.
HH did a good job of explaining the "diet coke relationships." On the show Ruby (Style Network), she has been on again-off again with Deeny for eight and a half years. That is a really long time. Denny is very fit. What finally drove him away the last time? She just couldn't lose the weight. Ruby's closest friends (and myself watching) think he is a snake with other motives.
I had my own "diet coke" relationship years ago. His name was Nate. We always were doing things together, and I had just enough "hope" that more would eventually develop. After over a year, one day he asked me to do something after church, to which I replied, "No." He pressed further to see if I had another obligation, etc, only to find out I didn't. I said to him, "We've been friends for over a year, and you have had long enough to decide if you like me." I severed our relationship, and looking back it was the most emotionally healthy thing for me to do.
The body image process is still just that...a process. I was encouraging a girl who had been losing weight in the "Biggest Loser" competition at our school. I was saying how she had to about be at goal. She said she needed to lose 53 more pounds, because she really wanted to reach 150. I had no idea that I was sixty pounds smaller than her. I still have a lot to work on in this regard.

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