Friday, March 5, 2010

Building a Strong Marriage....

This is an excerpt from an article by Don Delafield....

"A lot of the projects that we take on in life can be difficult, complicated, absorbing and impossible without a lot of help. It is my strong conviction that marriage is such project of divine proportions, and then some.

I once heard a saying that related to this idea: "If something is worth doing right, it is worth doing wrong!" This means hat many things in life require us to tolerate the stress of a learning curve. We don't start out knowing how to do something difficult correctly. We have to be willing to fail for a while in our efforts to get it right. Learning to walk requires that we first learn how to fall.

Couples don't seem to get this fundamental principle - I know I didn't really get it for years. I am still learning to face my flaws. In fact, I've even come to the conclusion that there may be a few more flaws that I have yet to discover. (Sarcasm intended here!)

No one really gets married when they are ready for marriage - it is within the process of being married that we discover what we need and what we don't have. We have to learn to run to God often, in every way we can - where He can show us that we can do it, if He helps."

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