Saturday, March 6, 2010

Show Us Your Life: Your Daily Routine

I'm linking up with Kelly's Korner Blog for Show Us Your Life Friday.....
Here is a typical day for me...
5:00: Alarm goes off. I read the Word, eat, work on plans for the school day. I used to go to work way early and get things done. People at this school are more social (that is not bad), but I've found I don't get as much done in the mornings when I am at work.
8:00: At work, getting ready for the day. I will often times have a morning meeting.
8:50-9:20: Community meeting (school-wide) in our gym.
9:20-9:40: Math small group
9:40-10:00: First Guided Reading Group
10:00-10:40: Planning
10:40-11:20: Shared Reading
11:20-11:40: Lunch with my students in our classroom. I love eating lunch with them.
11:40-11:55: Read Aloud
11:55-12:15: Guided Reading Group Two (Students are reading from their personal libraries)
12:15-12:30: Reading Conferencing
12:30-1:00: Mini-Writer's Workshop
1:00-2:00: Math
2:00-3:00: Social Studies
3:00-3:30: Recess
3:30-3:45: In Class closing meeting, getting ready for dismissal
3:45: Dismissal
After school I usually have a meeting, GED class, or cooking class. I rarely get home before five.
When I get home, it's all about hanging out with HH. We watch TV shows or a movie, and talk about the day.
10:00-11:30: Floating bedtime for me.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Love your blog.

So here is a question I've been debating with Kelly Stamps of KellysKorner:

If you father-in-law died - and he had a good, close relationship with your husband - would you attend his funeral?

Do you think being pregnant is a reason not to drive 4-5 hours to attend your father-in-law's funeral? Assuming of course you are otherwise healthy and having a normal pregnancy?

Of course, I'm sure you said "HECK YES"!! I would attend my father-in-law's funeral and never think about abandoning my husband and his family during such a sad time!

Well, if you can believe it, there is one of our fellow bloggers named Melissa Stafford who can't be bothered to attend her father-in-law's funeral. Her father-in-law died earlier this week of cancer. She couldn't be bothered to go and visit him and now won't go to the funeral.

Melissa is pregnant. But she is going to the gym all the time, going shopping, going out to lunch with her friends. In other words, there is no health-related reason for her not to go to the funeral.

Can you believe this? Isn't this woman cruel and un-Godly? How can she be so mean and cold and neglect her husband at his time of need?

Truly unbelievable! Let her know what you think. Read the whole story here:

Please pray for this woman and hope that God will forgive her cruelty and cold, uncaring behavior.

ChiTown Girl said...

Wow, I'm shocked at the comment above! Just shocked. I can't believe someone would use YOUR blog as a platform for their personal agenda. And they want prayers for someone else!! People in glass houses....

I can't believe your school would have recess so close to dismissal. Is there some reason I'm just not getting? I would think they would give the kids a recess right after lunch, most most schools, so the kids can get a break in the middle of the day to blow off some steam.

I'm also surprised that you are allowed to do math in the morning. We have a very strict "reading ONLY" policy for our mornings. I'm not saying it's right, I'm just sharing.

Since you have to eat with your kids in the classroom, do you at least get a break (prep period) every day? That would really make for a loonngg day if you don't!

5am is pretty early to be getting up, Lady. Now I see why you've developed such a love for naps! ;-)