Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend Update...

I made this as an early Easter present for HH. He really liked it.

This was the checkerboard cake PRE-DISASTER. Yeah, about 1/3 of it collapsed on the way to my parent's house. The checkerboard effect worked wonders, but I have some work to do in order to become a cake master.

HH and I went on The Dinner Train. It is an attraction in my hometown, but I have never been on. It was great to share this special event with HH.

My friend Vicki, who also had my WLS, created this piece in an hour and a half as the worship service was going on. How awesome is that?
Five days until SPRING BREAK!
Two more GED classes then I get a month off!

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Missie said...

I bet the cake was delicious even if it fell apart! LOL

Have a good rest of your week.