Monday, March 22, 2010


I was watching Ruby latest episode "Sleepless in Savannah" on Sunday night. Towards the beginning of the episode, Ruby was meeting with the Overeaters Anonymous counselor as a group. She was talking about how many fat women had poor relationships (or their father was absent) with their fathers during their younger years. She called this a specific name, but it escaped me before I had the chance to google it. I am going to catch a rerun of the episode in order to learn more about it.

I'm not looking for someone to "blame" my obesity on. I know at some point in my development I have to take responsibility for my actions. Yet, I am intrigued by this concept because my father and I began to have a strained relationship in middle school and it became very much so in high school. In fifth grade I weighed 135 pounds, in seventh grade I weighed 210 pounds, and my junior year of high school I weighed 317 pounds. These are massive amounts of weight gain without some major traumatic event to contribute to it.

I get to see Michael Buble in Cincinnati on Wednesday. I cannot wait!


Missie said...

I don't have any issues with my dad or mom that could have attributed to my weight gain. Just me using food to make myself feel better.

ChiTown Girl said...

The self-analysis about you and your dad is interesting. Like Missie, I have no "daddy issues," so I wish I could figure out my own issues. I'm actually a TOTAL Daddy's Girl. But, I, like most people with weight issues, use food to stuff down stress/emotions.

I'm SOOOOO jealous that you're going to see my boyfriend, Micheal. Have fun! ;-)

ChiTown Girl said...

umm....yeah....that's supposed to be Michael. Micheal is my pet name for him ;-)