Sunday, February 15, 2009

What am I Waiting For?

Yesterday was Valentine's Day so I wore my Burberry Brit perfume. I love this perfume, yet I rarely wear it. It is not cheap, but not horribly expensive either. I thought about it, why do I wait and only wear it on special occassions? When I look back at my life, I think I will probably remember the more common things than just the big things. What if the small moments are just as important as the big moments? One of the things that Ben and I love to do is go to Bufalo Wild Wings. I think I will remember the laughs and conversations we've had there just as much as our bigger moments. I'm not going to wait anymore to wear my special perfume (or special fill in the blank), because who knows when I will have a moment that I never expected.

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Ellen said...


This post is spot on. Please don't wait for special occasions to wear your Burberry.

My mother passed away recently and when I had to clean out her home. There were so many things she was saving for a "special day." Beautiful candles, lovely blouses, scarves etc. How I wish she had enjoyed all those items everyday while alive. It certainly changed how I see things now. I'm happy you have come to this conclusion on your own. Enjoy!