Monday, February 2, 2009

May Be Going Private

I from time to time check where people are reading my blog from. I love sharing what is going on in my life, and my journey out of obesity. However, I got a hit yesterday from my father's employer. I know it is not my father, because he works in the factory, and does not have access to a computer. I just don't like that people I know could possibly be reading without me wanting them to do so.

So...if I go to a private blog, would you all take a few moments and request to join? Please share your thoughts.


Anne said...

Well, I just found you but I'd love to keep reading so I'd request to join!

Janene said...

Please count me in if you decide to go private!


PS I keep meaning to comment on your last few entries to say that you have somehow managed to find yourself the sweetest, kindest man in the whole world!!

Ellen said...

Yes, I would love to continue reading your entries Tiffany. My hope is to have the DS by year end. You have been a huge inspiration for me.

Please email me if you do go private as well. Thank you.

Lisa Williams said...

Tiffany, you are such an inspiration to me. I would definitely like to be included in your private blog. I had DS 14 months ago and I love hearing how much your life have changed.

My email address is

hokiefan said...

Yup, I would sign up if you made your blog private. I enjoy reading.

Oh and fyi I so knew Ben was about to propose. I don't know how I don't know you all IRL but I knew it was coming. He seems like such a sweet man!!!

PrettyWoman said...

I would also request an add. I have been reading your blog for close to a year now. I am excited for you and your wedding! :)

Anonymous said...

I would love to keep reading too....I have lost 148 lbs and am currently dating a great guy...I have loved reading about you telling Ben all about it and his responses etc...and I also knew he was about to propose! =)

Anonymous said...

I would love to keep reading your blog! (if you don't mind). I find you such an inspiration, and relate to you in so many ways (I'm a teacher too!)

My email is:


karen said...

I have found you very inspirational. I would love to be included. My email is

Name: Lynise said...

Hi Tiffany, I would definitely want keep reading. (if you go pri).

I am so sorry havn't yet replied to your e-mail regarding gaining access to my blog. Of course would absolutely love to have you along to share my journey. I have been away for the past two weeks so will get on to replying and allowing access immediately.

schmanda said...

I love to read your blog...but don't comment often.


Erin said...

I just found your blog and I would absolutely request to join. I've definately had many 'light bulb' moments while reading.