Thursday, February 12, 2009

Two Awesome Comments....

After school yesterday we had a meeting, and I got a cup full of M&Ms. I was joking with one lady saying I was glad I wasn't sitting at the M&M table, or else I would have a ton. Another teacher looked at me and said, "You look like you could stand to have a few M&Ms."

Today in morning assembly a teacher walked up to me and said that I was going to have to buy a size two wedding dress! (If she only knew what size I used to wear!)

Speaking of wedding dresses...mine is IN! I go to pick it up on the 27th. It is being pressed now.

There is some junk going on at work. I'd rather not blog about it right now. Sometimes when you do your job really well, you get extra work. That is the short of it. Ben just left my condo a few minutes ago. We went to dinner after I got out of GED since the power was out at my condo when I got home. (We've had crazy strong wind today.)

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Kimberly said...

I just spent the past two days reading your blog from the beginning and I just wanted to tell you what an inspiration you are! I wish you continued success on your maintenance. I also wish you and Ben a lifetime of happiness! You look amazing and extremely happy!!