Sunday, February 8, 2009

Making GOOD Choices

I'll be honest, my grocery cart selections the past few times have not been great. I am really not proud of some of the items that I have put in the cart. It wasn't like it was one item that was going to be my treat (which normal people do), it was SEVERAL items that had no business being in my cart. The other thing I want to forget is that normal people can have certain items in their home, and keep them for a long duration...heck, even let them go "bad." This doesn't happen for this former SSMO girl. Those items never go bad. Those are usually the first items that I eat from my grocery selections.

Tonight, I made some REALLY good choices on what I put in my cart. Most importantly, I did not put one piece of crap into my cart. I once heard a man who had always been thin say that he did his dieting at the grocery store. There is so much truth to that statement. I got a few new items that I am excited about:

* Arnold's Sandwich Thins (Multigrain)
* 13 Bean Soup (I'm going to add ham to it, and try it this week.)
* 5 different types of beans to make a bean salad out of
* Low Carb Strawberry/Banana and Strawberry/Pomogranite (spelling is off I know!)
* Salmon Cream Cheese Spread

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