Friday, February 6, 2009

Dressing Room WOWS!!!

I had a few minutes waiting for Ben today, and I stopped in New York and Company to try on a few items. Above is a picture of me in a SIZE TWO PENCIL SKIRT!!! I could not believe it! I looked up the size chart on their website, and their skirts are supposed to fit a size 25.5 inch waist and a 35.5 inch hips.

I showed Ben the pictures, because I opted to not buy the skirt at this time. He said, "Wow, that really settles it. You used to be really heavy, but now you are a size two. You really are in a new chapter in your life." Later on we were talking, and he told me that even if all the chemical makeup changes in my body and I get heavy again, he wants me to know that he will always love me. :)

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