Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Back in the Groove

We went back to school today. I had all but two of my students there. I wasn't sure how many of them would attend with the temperatures, and many people still being without electricity. I left work early to go give a presentation at the board for my old boss. That went very well. They were all complimenting me on how small I had gotten. I forget how every little pound does help now as far as how people view you.

Ben took me out to dinner tonight. Afterwards, we went to two Walgreens so I could have a Snuggie. This thing is warm. I am in love. My electric bill the past two months has been the highest ever since I have lived in my condo. I really cannot complain since it is so much cheaper than most people that I know.

One thing I've noticed since losing weight is that I am more aware. I am aware of how certain foods will affect my body. I know the things that will make my weight swing up from eating them. It makes me feel good recognizing trends that my body has.

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