Monday, February 2, 2009

We're Not Here to Cause No Trouble

We're just here to do the Superbowl Shuffle.... (I KNOW that slogan dates me! It was from a football commercial when I was in middle school perhaps.)

Today was a full day! We went down to Bardstown to visit with my parents. We had lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant. Afterwards, we stopped by the Bourbon Heritage Center, and Ben and I had our picture made by this cute man made completely of whiskey barrels. We checked out the place where we will most likely have our rehearsal dinner. It was so awesome. It is a renovated theater that is a super nice restaurant. We also drove by the church that we are going to get married at. Ben had talked about staying down and just watching the Superbowl at my parents house. I said I was ok with that if we were not having school. They made the announcement that we were not having school tomorrow (still way too many places without power), so we decided to stay. It was a good time spent hanging out with my parents.

Below is a picture of my thighs. I've always thought my thighs were HUGE. Even currently, they are my least favorite part of my body. Today when I was sitting in the barstool at my parents house, I noticed that my thighs really don't look that bad. I called Ben in from the other room to take a look. He said of course your thighs are not big. (He has been so great at giving me reassurance when I need it.)

Need I not forget that Ben said to me, "You are becoming a BEANPOLE."

I weighed in at 139 this morning.

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