Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Round Two

Tonight is the second evening of Parent Teacher Conferences. All the other years that I have worked, we have had conferences during the day on Monday. This year, in an effort to make up days we have missed, we did conferences in the evening. I was a bit in a funk about it. While I never go home early on Mondays, going to the GED center is completely different than staying at work. Weird thinking, huh?

Sunday night I was very unhappy with myself as I laid in bed. My stomach was tight, bloated and I felt miserable. I had enough hours of sleep Sunday, yet I didn't sleep well. I'm certain this had to do with eating so close to going to bed, and eating more than I should to top it off. I hope that this lesson is a lesson learned so I will not repeat this experience again. MISERABLE.

As the wedding approaches, I'm learning something about Ben and I. For the past eleven days in a row, we've seen one another. Granted many days, it was for dinner, but we made time to see one another. I've noticed how I really like him being a regular part of my day. I am looking forward to being his wife.

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