Thursday, February 5, 2009

Early End of the Week

I am taking the day off tomorrow. I will have pictures of my new hairstyle. :)

I was talking with Ben about how I really wanted to stay where I was at weight wise, so I wouldn't have to get my dress altered too much. He said, "Besides, you look really hot at this weight." :)

Ben and I are going to have dinner in just a little bit. He is going to work on the computer for a paper that he has due. While he is doing that, I think I will work on organizing and cleaning some. Of course, my cleaning plan I had at the new year went out the window FAST. Since he is doing the paper, that would not leave me with many other attractive options other than to clean. I guess it wouldn't kill me.

As far as wedding stuff goes, we are going to pick the design of our cake most likely this weekend. I am asking a former music teacher to play piano for us. I have a girl in my class that I would like to be the junior bridesmaid, but I have to figure out how to ask without all the other female students in my class finding out.

Sorry this post is so random.

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