Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Granny's Thanksgiving Table cooking class did not disappoint. I sometimes wonder how I didn't end up weighing four zillion pounds before I had surgery, because there are so many yummy things I didn't try until after I had surgery.

Tonight those things to add to that list are:

* Cornbread Stuffing

* Corn pudding

Previous items include things like: ribs and cream cheese frosting (although not together)!

I'm really enjoying this class I have. My personality and sense of humor is able to come out more and more, and I really like the relationship we are forming.

Tomorrow is bloodwork followup, dentist (crown), and the chiropractor. Tomorrow is the only night I can cook for HH, so I am making chili per his request. I need to find a new recipe to try. I also need to write for national boards.....

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