Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Food Post....As If This Should Surprise You Guys

Favorite Foods to Crunch:
I love chips, but I'd have to say tortilla chips and queso (not spicy queso though).

Favorite Comfort Foods:
All things CHEESECAKE!!!

Favorite Picnic Lunches:
I've not had many picnic lunches in my lifetime. I usually just stop by a deli and pick things up to take. I do love a good potato salad and juicy coleslaw.

Best Food Smell Memory:
Fresh Krispy Kreme Donuts

Best Summer Snack:
The many different varieties of GRAETER'S Ice Cream! I have had a love affair with their ice cream since starting college! I'm not worried about where we move too.....they ship anywhere in the US!!!

Favorite Winter Snack:

Most Likely to Eat for Lunch:
Leftovers from last night's dinner, beanie weenies, or California Pizza Kitchen individual pizza.

Food that makes me gag:
I don't have a particular food, but many food smells if they are too strong make me ill. McDonalds and Taco Bell especially (my husband can attest to this).

Soup or Salad:
Soup anyday over salad! I am really getting into making different types of soups.

Favorite Breakfast Foods:
Fried Eggs (Fried hard, brownish color)

Favorite Type of Chocolate:
Sugar Free Mint Dark Chocolates by Dove

Favorite Beverages:
Diet Sunkist, Diet Mountain Dew, Starbucks

Smooth or Crunchy Peanut Butter:
Mainly smooth

Foods I Hated as a child, but love now:
yogurt, granola, various types of cheeses, and many others....I wasn't really exposed to a wide variety of foods growing up, so a lot of things have been new experiences for me the past few years.

Weirdest Food Habits:
I don't drink when I eat my food, it upsets my stomach.

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