Tuesday, November 17, 2009

So ME right now......

Mrs. Greedy right now. I am getting all these coupons for amazing online sells to some of my favorite stores. I. WANT. EVERYTHING. IN. SIGHT. I know that I am getting three clothing items from my parents for Christmas, and probably five or six items from my mother-in-law. The temptation is everywhere though!
In other news, I am really proud of myself. I've gotten a mountain full of paperwork done at work. The casual observer wouldn't know it because almost all of it is online, but it is getting DONE. It wasn't that I was behind, but there was such a quantity to do, and I'm completely done. Man, it feels WONDERFUL! I want that off my shoulders so I can fully enjoy my nine days off in a row (putting my three personal days with Thanksgiving again this year). I just have to make lesson plans for this time, and I'm in the home stretch!
I think I am committing to nine classes for sure in January and February cooking wise. They are the beginners and advanced basic skills class.
Last night HH stuffed all our Christmas cards, licked the envelopes, and put our return address on them. My goal is to have them packed up and mailed out the day after Thanksgiving while we are down with his mom.
Our grill is completely put together and for the first time since AUGUST we have a real living room back. All the parts are GONE. It is so awesome.

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